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Australian Native Smudge Stick (Creativity) - Large

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Chakra: Base

Size Range: 21-22cm

This Australian Native Smudge stick by Spiritual Nutrition is perfect for clearing negative energy and bringing creativity into your life and home, made with love in using 100% Australian native plants.

A collection of reiki infused Eucalyptus, She Oak, and Tea Tree to purify, clear and balance the home, and nurture the creative spirit within.

Listing is for one large smudge stick.

How To Use


Light smudge stick by holding over a candle. Once alight, blow out flame to allow the stick to smoulder. Fan smoke into each room and corner of your home with the intention to harmonise, nurture and promote peace. Smudge yourself by fanning the smoke around your aura, reciting the affirmation, and imagine a spinning wheel of green light on your heart chakra

Affirmation: My home is purified and balanced. I am filled with infinite creative energy.



Never leave a burning smudge stick unattended. You may need to light it a few times if smudging your entire home. Extinguish by placing the lit end of the stick in a fire proof container with sand.


As we are using Australian native plants, we need to give back and support the rightful and true owners of this land, the Australian Indigenous Communities. Spiritual Nutrition donates 10% of profit made from each individual smudge stick to


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