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Golden Healer Sphere | 7cm

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This crystal sphere is such a beautiful golden colour, and has sparkles throughout. Golden Healer is a powerful stone, bringing healing on every level, and increasing confidence and abundance. Such a lovely piece to keep in a special place in your home, allowing those healing vibes to radiate out.

Listing is for the exact crystal sphere pictured.

Origin: Madagascar

Chakras: Crown, Solar Plexus, Sacral

Size: 7cm

Weight: 648g


Golden Healer Meaning

  • A high vibration stone that is considered a Master Healer, transmuting negative energy into positive.

  • Brings to light unhelpful thoughts and emotions so that you can face them and see things from a higher perspective, allowing you to release blockages and balance your energy field.

  • Helps in letting go of failures and disappointments, bringing renewed confidence, positivity, faith and abundance.

  • A wonderful crystal for meditation, enhancing spiritual growth and intuition.


All orders are energetically cleared & charged with Reiki and/or sage before being sent with love to its new home.

Please be aware that each crystal is one of a kind and therefore each piece will have unique variations in shape, colour, size and characteristics (including natural markings, fissures). These are natural stones and can vary from the images provided, which are there to provide a general representation of the quality and sizing we offer. Each crystal will have its own beautiful markings, characteristics and pits. We cannot accept exchanges or returns based on these characteristics.

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