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Palo Santo - Set of 6

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Palo Santo is amazing for energetic cleansing, protection, grounding, healing, attracting positive energy and raising your vibration. Palo Santo, which translates to “Holy Wood” in Spanish, is a sacred tree traditionally used by healers, shamans and elders during ceremonies and healings.

Traditionally, these trees were only cultivated after they had lived a full life to preserve their metaphysical and healing properties. These Palo Santo sticks have been respectfully harvested in the same manner of the ancients - with naturally fallen trees only being cultivated after they have been allowed to lie peacefully for 4-10 years and a seedling is planted in its place.

Listing is for one set of 6 Palo Santo sticks, intuitively selected for you.

Size: 9-10cm


These Palo Santo are:

  • Premium Quality

  • Sustainably harvested in Peru


How To Use

Light the Palo Santo stick by holding it over a flame. When it is lit, allow it to burn for 30-60 seconds and then gently blow out the flame, thus allowing the stick to smoulder. Fan smoke into each room and corner of your home with the intention to clear the energy in the space and infuse protection, cleansing and healing. To clear yourself, fan the smoke around your aura with the intention that your energy is being cleansed and protected.

Please do not leave a burning Palo Santo stick unattended. To extinguish, place the lit end in a fire proof bowl, as long as you no longer blow on the ember it should stop burning on its own and can be used many times.


All crystals & products are cleansed with Reiki and/or sage before being sent to you with love.

When selecting a crystal for you intuitively, we tune in energetically and select the crystal that feels meant for you. Please note that as crystals are natural creations from our beautiful Earth, they have their own unique imperfections, shape & sizing. The images provided are to give you a general idea of the quality & sizing we offer. Colour may vary slightly from photographs provided, which are taken under ideal lighting to bring out the beauty of these crystals.

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