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'Sleep' Essential Oil Blend

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Made with love in Australia by Willelaine.

100% Natural & 100% Hand-blended.

Allow the essential oils of Lavender & Cedarwood to calm the mind and help you drift off to sleep. Dream is our go-to blend for adding a bit of luxe to your night-time routine.

Ingredients: Pure essential oil blend of Lavender + Cedarwood.

Listing is for one 10ml essential oil blend with dropper.


How To Use:

Pop 5 or so drops into your diffuser with water & diffuse - this dreamy scent will help you drift off, melt away stress and sooth your body. This stuff is divine!

Some more ideas to get the most out of this blend:

  • Put 10-20 Drops into your night-time bath with Epsom salts to infuse your bath.

  • If you don’t have a bath, put 20 drops around the base of your shower to infuse your shower with the Lavender + Cedarwood scent.

  • Infuse your bedsheets by putting 10-20 drops into your washing machine when washing bedding, this will give your sheets a beautiful, relaxed natural scent.

  • Pop 10-20 drops into your child's bath at night if they are a nervous sleeper, restless or worried, this will really help them wind down.

  • Keep next to your bed and waft past nose before going to sleep, this will help you feel calm, relaxed and release any stress or anxiety.





About Willelaine Aromatherapy


It is so important to us that our products are 100% Natural. Our Essential Oil Roll-ons, Diffuser Drops + Mists are 100% Naturally derived, with absolutely zero nasties, because we know nobody's got time for that.

We take pride in the fact that our customers know what they're putting on their body, diffusing in their home or misting around their family and pets. Its important to be clear on what's actually in the products you buy, and we couldn't be more transparent with you guys.

100% Natural + 100% Amazing products, made for you.


Willelaine practices sustainability by only using glass bottles for all of our products and using Australian resources and ingredients.


Every single product we sell is made with love in our beautiful little studio located in Moffat Beach, on the Sunshine Coast. Only in Australia can we be 100% sure about what goes into them, and what therefore goes onto your skin.

We always prefer to source ingredients and components within Australia where possible to support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint, and where this is not possible we seek to find sustainable and responsible sources for our ingredients.


Absolutely NO animal testing goes on around here. We love animals, Willelaine is completely cruelty free & vegan.

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