"Calm, serenity & inner strength! These are only but a few examples of what Dani has restored to my life in a matter of weeks (3 sessions). Dani has an amazing gift & is a beautiful soul! Go see Dani today she will change your life! I am so happy, energized & my confidence has returned. Feeling grounded & really connected to myself which I haven't felt for over 20 years! Thank you Dani - I'm feeling very blessed xx"
- Danielle M.
"I'm so glad I booked in for a distance healing session with Dani of Inner Nurture. The healing was gentle, yet powerful, and really helped me to shift some energetic blocks that I couldn't quite get to grips with. I loved the PDF that was provided after the session, it provided a lot of information and was a really nice touch. Dani is both friendly and professional, and really great at what she does. An all round positive experience. Thank you!"
- Dylan M.
"I've had 2 longer sessions with Dani and can feel such a transformation to my energy, I feel a lot calmer and not weighed down by negativity and fears. It has released a build up of tension I had in my chest, legs, neck and upper shoulders that I must of been holding onto, and I finally feel a lot more relaxed and am responding better to difficult situations in a positive manner. Can’t thank Dani enough for her skills. She is such a lovely person with no judgement given. Can’t wait to book my next session."
- Tarsha C.
"I’m so thankful for Dani at Inner Nurture. I have been walking around for months with brain fog, feelings that were weighing me down and a lack of energy and motivation, a sense of helplessness . But after my first session with her I feel like a different person. The person I used to be. I highly recommend if you have been feeling the same. Thank you!!"
- Kirsten T.
"I love that my Reiki Sessions bring me into a meditative state, I feel cleansed, relaxed, grounded and relief from pain! Emotionally I am feeling more in control and significantly less anxious and sad; also clearer, happier, more relaxed and positive! Physical improvements include significant pain relief, freedom from nausea and vertigo and I am feeling generally more well. I wouldn’t change anything about my Reiki Sessions, love the whole experience."
- Gabby V.
"I’ve had two Distance Reiki Sessions with Dani now, as I was feeling unmotivated and cloudy. After each one I felt really relaxed. Going on a few weeks later now, my mind is much clearer and I have a much better outlook - best of all my motivation is coming back."
- Carmel J.
Thanks so much, it was really just what I needed and I feel very soothed afterwards. I definitely felt the heart opening and the heaviness and tightness being cleared!
- Laura
"Dani is amazing! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I would highly recommend and can't wait to book another session! Thank you"
- Missy
"Thanks so much Dani for the healing. It’s exactly what I needed! I couldn’t believe how much of it I could feel. Thanks again…I still can’t believe how great I feel after that!"
- Maggie
"Thank you Dani. After my Reiki I felt very relaxed and calm. I even fell asleep which meant I was really relaxed, which doesn’t usually happen with me. My sleep each night has been sounder and I’m waking up more refreshed each morning. Thank you!"
- Kaylene
"The Reiki Session was amazing - I actually can’t believe I got so much from it! Thank you so much. Your summary was exactly what I felt, it all connects together and makes sense. And my anxiety felt double, but then it got better - thank you for clearing that. That was amazing, thank you so so much!"
- Danielle L.
"I was feeling confused and stuck in life, so decided to book a Reiki Session with Dani. She is very gentle, friendly and understanding, I absolutely loved my session. Through the treatment, she cleared all my energy blockages. I felt very light at the end and it really helped me heal some past issues and start moving forward. At the end of the treatment, she summarised the session, told me about any blocked chakras and the causes. She also passed on some messages that I had to hear from the Universe. I keep going back every time I feel stressed, stuck, sad or just to keep myself in balance! I would highly recommend Dani! She is amazing!! Thank you so much!"
- Alex T.
"I had such a beautiful session with Dani. She was so nurturing and genuine. I felt so calm and revitalised after my session and the space she does her healings in is so peaceful, with the sounds of the forest just outside the window! Would definitely recommend!!"
- Liana
"An absolutely beautiful session with Dani. She was wonderful, I felt calm and relaxed. She gave me some wonderful, spot on feedback and some homework which I am working on.... she is definitely worth the visit and I highly recommend xx"
- Rebecca
"Loved my first Reiki experience - can’t recommend Dani highly enough!"
- Georgie
"I found my Reiki session to be very peaceful and restorative. Danielle is very caring and attuned and she also provided a card specific to me about my session at the end of the consultation. I highly recommend Danielle if you are looking for Reiki that can make a positive inspiring difference to your life."
- Pauline
"I had a lovely experience with Dani. She's a very kind, welcoming person who is very passionate about energy work!"
- Georgia A.
"I love my Reiki sessions with Dani! Have gone back for more and always felt refreshed & energised afterwards :) Thanks Dani! xx"
- Steph
"I had such a great experience with Dani. Thank you so much for the Reiki - I thoroughly enjoyed it and got so much out of the session. Highly recommended."
- Sarah
"Amazing, so needed, blessings to you, thank you for the energy exchange"
- A


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