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Our Ethics

Consciously Sourced Crystals

Crystals have such a beautiful energy, and it is so important to source them ethically, with people and Mother Earth in mind. This ensures their vibration stays high and allows us to work with crystals to bring more light and healing into this world.

We offer a beautiful collection of raw and polished crystals from around the world, primarily from our main trusted suppliers in Brazil, Africa & Peru. We have worked hard to consciously source our crystals with high ethical standards, and we do everything we can to make sure the best pieces get into your hands!

As there is currently no official standard or certification for 'ethical crystals', we choose to align with the term 'Consciously Sourced Crystals' to highlight how passionate we are about sourcing crystals with integrity and ethics.

Working Close To The Source

One of our priorities is working as close to the source as possible, with a preference for purchasing directly from small, ethical miners who also own a lapidary (where crystals are shaped and polished). This means we can be informed about every step in the supply chain and any questions we have about ethics can be answered.

We also have some amazing suppliers who have direct and trusted relationships with a network of local miners. Two of our biggest partners travel their region constantly, visiting their network of small, family-owned businesses to engage in fair trade, making sure there is no child labour, ensuring and educating on safety standards, and even helping them acquire new safety equipment if needed. This is why we are more than happy to pay a premium for our crystals, knowing that every level of the supply chain has been treated with respect and dignity and local communities are being supported.

In comparison, many crystals on the market exchange hands numerous times, often finding their way overseas to China and India to be shaped in factories and sold en masse. While this would make sourcing convenient (and often very cheap), buying crystals this way has never been an option for us, as this would make it almost impossible to trace the origins of a stone, and thus the ethics.

We also love working with people who are equally as passionate about the environment as us, with some of our main partners being avid conservationists. They have made it a priority to put in place good environmental policies and work to educate the people they work with on how to care for and respect the land and do their best to have the lowest environmental impact. Many of the crystals also come from small deposits which means environmental impact is minimised. In these cases, the crystals can be mined by hand, so machines, chemical and loud noises are not affecting the local environment.

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Ethical Questions

Researching the ethics of each crystal has been vital, as is being aware of any socio-political issues that can affect if a crystal could currently be considered ethical. For example, at the moment we do not sell Lapis Lazuli, as the mining and selling of this stone is believed to be funding the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Some of the important facets and questions that must be considered when consciously sourcing crystals:

- Fair trade (are workers paid fairly?)

- No child or slave labour

- Safety of miners and lapidary workers (Brazil is one country that is leading the way in terms of mining & safety regulations).

- Environmental sustainability (are there government regulations? What protections or restorations are in place? Smaller or larger mines?)

- Socio-political climate in the area where the crystal is found (i.e. does the country of origin have a bad reputation for human rights violations in the industry or does the mining of this crystal fund war/oppression?)

Genuine Crystals & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our focus is always on supplying you with beautiful, consciously sourced, genuine crystals. We are also passionate about eco-friendly packaging and this is why you will not find plastic bubble wrap in your crystal package! We are proud to only use Greenwrap (paper wrap), recyclable tissue paper & boxes (made with recycled content), reusable hand stamped natural cotton bags, compostable mailing stickers & more.

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to crystal ethics, and we are constantly learning and improving. The more people who care about consciously sourcing crystals, the more we can keep improving the industry for the better!

We hope you enjoy our collection of beautiful, consciously sourced crystals!

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