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About Us

Welcome to Inner Nurture!

We offer a beautiful collection of raw and polished crystals from around the world, from tumbles & palm stones to carry with you throughout the day, to gorgeous crystal clusters & generators to bring healing vibes into your home. Our aim is to bring you crystals & spiritual tools that nurture your inner self and increase self-love, balance and spiritual connection.

All of our crystals and products have been ethically sourced. We work with small, family-owned businesses that align with our fair trade principles and share our passion for sustainable practices & minimising our collective environmental impact.

We also use eco-friendly packaging - no plastic bubble wrap here! Our main staples are:

GreenWrap to protect fragile items (biodegradable paper wrap)
Recycled tissue paper
Hand-stamped organic cotton bags
Recycled mailing boxes
Kraft paper tape


Inner Nurture is an online crystal shop and healing business based in Perth, Western Australia. Our founder, Dani, is also a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer, offering sessions to clients around Australia (and worldwide).

Inner Nurture - Online Crystal Shop Australia