5 Best Crystals For Love, Heart Healing & Relationships

5 Best Crystals For Love, Heart Healing & Relationships

Whether you are seeking to nurture self-love, heal past wounds, or deepen connections and relationships with others, the beautiful energy of crystals can assist you on your journey towards love, healing & harmonious relationships.

Today we will explore our top five crystals for heart healing and love.


1. Amazonite: The Stone of Loving Communication

Key Properties:

- Empowers you to speak your truth, fostering authentic communication and emotional balance.

- Balances the throat and heart chakras and is an amazing crystal for magnifying your affirmations & intentions.

- Enhances intuition & dissolves negative energy, so you can raise your vibration and find the right people to connect with. 

- Brings calm to relationships, dissolving tensions and promoting heartfelt dialogue and deep connections.

amazonite tumble - inner nurture crystal shop australia


2. Rose Quartz: The Stone of Unconditional Love

Key Properties:

- A gentle, yet powerful crystal for heart healing, enhancing self-love and attracting unconditional love. 

- Brings calm, peace and deep inner healing, restoring love, trust & emotional balance.

- Radiates an energy of unconditional compassion, assists in healing emotional wounds and fosters a deeper sense of connection & intimacy.

rose quartz tumble - inner nurture online crystal shop australia


3. Green Opal: A Crystal For Powerful Emotional Healing

Key Properties: 

- Cleanses negative emotions, providing support when healing from grief, trauma or a breakup. 

- Transforms the heart center, opening your heart to love and inviting abundance and joy into your relationships.

- Brings transformative emotional healing and harmony in relationships.

green opal palm stone - inner nurture online crystal shop australia


4. Kunzite: The Stone of Divine Love & Harmony

Key Properties:

- Brings deep heart healing and love, opening the pathway between the heart and mind so you can make choices in alignment with your heart center.

- Helps you feel safe and calm within yourself so that you are able to keep your heart open to receiving unconditional love. 

- Increases emotional balance, compassion & self-love.

- Dissolves barriers to love and creates a harmonious flow of energy within relationships. 

kunzite rough - inner nurture crystal shop australia


5. Rhodonite: Fostering Self-Love, Compassion & Emotional Healing

Key Properties:

- A powerful stone of emotional healing, increasing compassion, forgiveness and self-love.

- Helps in cultivating healthy relationships and creating a deeper sense of connection & understanding.

- Gentle, yet transformative energy to mend emotional wounds and bring a sense of comfort and compassion towards yourself and the past. 

- Cleanses and balances your heart chakra, opening you up to giving and receiving love.


Depending on where you are in your journey, there is a crystal to help you move forward with love and an open heart. Please reach out if you have any questions on the best crystal for you!

Much love, 

Dani xx


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