Unleash Your Inner Spark: Crystals For Confidence

Unleash Your Inner Spark: Crystals For Confidence

We all need a little confidence boost from time to time, assisting us to navigate life's journey. Whether you are embarking on a new venture, overcoming challenges, preparing for a presentation or simply wanting to build your self-esteem and embrace your authentic self, crystals can be powerful allies in enhancing self-confidence.

Let's explore my favourite seven crystals known for their ability to spark your inner light and increase your confidence. 


1. Carnelian 

For grounding & motivation

Carnelian is a very grounding & stabilising stone, it helps to bring you into the present moment and restores confidence & motivation. It ignites passion and vitality and has been called the 'singer's stone', increasing open expression and creativity. Work with this crystal when you need the motivation and self-assuredness to pursue your dreams fearlessly. 

How to Work with Carnelian: You can carry a piece of carnelian with you, for example in your pocket or even as jewellery, to keep its powerful energy with you throughout the day. During meditation, place a Carnelian stone on your sacral chakra (the energy centre located just below your navel) to focus on harnessing your inner power. (Shop Carnelian collection >)

carnelian tumble crystal- inner nurture australia



2. Pyrite

For self-worth, strength & determination

Pyrite is an amazing stone for increasing your self-worth and confidence, helping you step into your power and take control of your life. It helps shift your mindset, release fears and increase positivity. This stone assists in dissolving self-doubt, making it an ideal companion for building unwavering confidence. 

How to Work with Pyrite: Infuse your surrounding with its empowering energy by placing a stone or cluster in your workspace. During meditation, keep Pyrite on hand to increase your self-worth and visualise yourself reaching your dreams. (Shop Pyrite collection >)

pyrite cluster crystal - inner nurture australia


3. Citrine

For manifestation, positivity & intuition

Citrine is known for increasing confidence & self-esteem and assisting you to move past negative traits and fears. Often called the "merchant's stone", Citrine is an amazing crystal for attracting abundance and success, radiating positivity and clearing negative energy. This helps in dissolving fears of not being good enough, so you can move forward towards your own divine joy & happiness. Citrine aligns with the solar plexus chakra, helping you to embrace your inner strength and believe in yourself.

How to Work with Citrine: Keep Citrine with you throughout the day to imbue your energy with its uplifting vibes. Place a Citrine point on your desk or workspace to boost your confidence at work. (Shop Citrine collection >)

citrine tumble crystal - inner nurture Australia


4. Golden Healer

For balance, positivity & cleansing

Golden Healer is a powerful master healer, bringing balance, healing & transformation on every level. This high vibration stone brings to light unhelpful thoughts and emotions so that you can face them and see things from a higher perspective, allowing you to release blockages and balance your energy field. It helps you to heal past disappointments, so that you can move forward with renewed confidence, positivity & alignment.

How to Work with Golden Healer: Being a powerful stone of intuition & alignment, this is a great crystal to incorporate into your meditation practice. Hold this crystal in your hands whilst meditating to access its serene & balancing vibrations. You can also hold this crystal while you journal, to gain a new perspective, heal old wounds and find deep balance. (Shop Golden Healer collection >)

golden healer sphere crystal - inner nurture Australia


5. Chrysocolla

For communication & inner-strength

Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal for inner strength, increasing self-awareness and confidence. It is known as the 'stone of communication' for its ability to increase open self-expression and allow you to speak your truth. This is a healing stone for the throat chakra, aiding in effective communication and boosting your self-esteem.

How to Work with Chrysocolla: Wear chrysocolla as a pendant, ring or bracelet or carry a beautiful tumbled crystal with you throughout the day to boost open communication. During meditation, place this stone near your throat charka to assist in healing open expression & self-esteem and enhance your intuition. (Shop Chrysocolla collection >)

chrysocolla tumble crystal - inner nurture Australia


6. Green Aventurine

For courage & optimism

Known as the 'stone of opportunity', Green Aventurine helps in releasing old patterns and habits to make room for the new, it also brings calm and a sense of humour while you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. It is loved for its vibes of abundance, luck and adventure and increases confidence and positivity, giving you the inner strength to say yes to new opportunities. This is a heart healing stone, bringing emotional healing, optimism, increased self-love and self-esteem so that you can create a life led from the heart. 

How to Work with Green Aventurine: Keep Green Aventurine with you throughout the day to keep your heart open, increase self-esteem and attract beautiful new opportunities. During meditation, allow this stone's energy to foster a sense of courage and positivity. (Shop Aventurine collection >)

green aventurine tumble crystal - inner nurture Australia


7. Rhodonite

For inner strength, compassion & self-love

Rhodonite is a powerful heart healing crystal, increasing unconditional love, compassion & self-love. This stone helps to heal past wounds and embrace your worthiness, renewing confidence and belief in yourself. 

How to Work with Rhodonite: Place this crystal near your bedside to bring heart healing & nurturing while your sleep. Keep a Rhodonite palm stone with you throughout the day (in your pocket, on your desk etc.) to remind yourself of your inherent value and self-worth. (Shop Rhodonite collection >)

rhodonite palm stone crystal - inner nurture Australia


By incorporating these amazing crystals into your day, you can begin on a transformative journey of self-love, self-worth and confidence. Whether you wear them as jewellery, keep a stone with you throughout the day or meditate with them, the energies of Carnelian, Citrine, Chrysocolla, Golden Healer, Pyrite, Green Aventurine and Rhodonite are here to bring balance, healing and support in your life. As you attune to their beautiful qualities, you'll find yourself moving through life with increased self-assuredness and a renewed sense of confidence. 

If any of these crystals call to you or you'd like to work on increasing confidence with crystals, you can explore our entire 'Crystals For Confidence' collection below:

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Much love,

Dani xx


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