Healing With The Power Of The Full Moon: A Guide To Letting Go & Releasing

Healing With The Power Of The Full Moon: A Guide To Letting Go & Releasing

Each full moon, we experience amplified energies and heightened emotions. While this can create feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and restlessness, it also creates a beautiful opportunity to harness the power of the full moon for healing and transformation. We will explore some of the best ways to approach this time with mindfulness and intention, powerful ways to work through heavy emotions and energy during each full moon (like the current full supermoon).


1. Journaling For Emotional Release:

Journaling provides a powerful way to work through heavy emotions, giving you space to pour out your feelings onto the pages. When approached with personal growth in mind, it can also help you see things from a new perspective and let go of patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Find a comfortable, quiet space with your journal and allow yourself to write freely, with no rules or structure. Reflect on your feelings, what triggered these emotions and any patterns or recurring themes you notice; allow journaling to bring you awareness around what is occurring in your life.

Once you have experienced the cathartic release of writing it all down without a filter, my greatest advice would be to dive into some of the following journal prompts:

'How can I find more acceptance & peace around this?'

'What can I do about this situation that is within my control?'

'What do I want to create in my life moving forward?'

'What steps may I need to take to create this reality?'

'What is one small thing I can do to shift things?'

These insights will help you to heal on a deep level, and with the power of the full moon's energies behind you, anything is possible. 


2. Meditation for Inner Calm:

Meditation is a powerful tool to ground yourself and find inner calm during the energetic upheavals of the full moon. Find a quiet, comfortable space to sit down and let go, focusing on your breath and visualising the moon's healing light enveloping you and bringing with it a sense of peace and calm. Keep bringing your awareness back to the breath whenever your mind begins to wander, you can also include some affirmations in your practice, for example:

"I am ready to release what no longer serves me"

"I am filled with healing light, love & positive energy"

"I am powerful & grounded in my body"


3. Grounding:

Grounding is a powerful way to strengthen your connection with the Earth's energy, it keeps your energy balanced and is especially useful during the full moon when the strong energies can throw us a little off balance.

Step outside barefoot on the grass, soil, or sand during the full moon (or visualise this if you can't get outside at the moment). Take some deep, calming breaths and visualise all the heavy energy and emotions flowing out of your body and into the Earth, where they are transmuted and healed. See tree roots growing from your feet and anchoring into the Earth, grounding you, providing stability and strength. Through these roots, allow the Earth's energy to flow through you and balance your energy system. 

For an even more powerful meditation, continue by visualising the energy of the full moon radiating down on the top of your head. Allow this powerful healing energy to enter your crown chakra and flow through your entire body, with the energy from both the Earth and the Moon soothing your energy, bringing balance and alignment with your inner self and the Universe.


4. Moon Bathing Ritual:

Moon bathing is the perfect way to bask in the moon's healing glow. Find a comfortable spot under the full moon's light and allow yourself to be receptive to the powerful healing energies. You can set intentions, visualise releasing what is no longer for your highest good, or just take this time to do some deep breathing.


5. Crystal Healing:

The full moon is the perfect time to cleanse your beautiful crystals; once they are cleansed and charged you can use them for crystal healing while their power is amplified.

Choose a crystal that calls to you (great stones for healing during the energy of a full moon include Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Labradorite & Amethyst - don't forget the energy is strong for the days before & after the full moon as well), and hold the crystals in your hands during meditation, or keep them close to you to benefit from their healing energies.


6. Release & Let Go With Self-Love:

The full moon is the perfect time to practise releasing anything that is weighing you down emotionally, it can also be a challenging time where the intense energy is stirring up emotions that may feel challenging to confront. It is so important to be kind and compassionate towards yourself, knowing that your full moon rituals don't have to be perfect and accepting any feelings that come up for you without judgement.


Working with the energy of the full moon can be a deeply transformative and healing experience. By engaging in healing practices such as journaling, meditation, grounding, moon bathing, crystal healing & self-compassion, we are able to harness the powerful of the full moon for personal growth and super charge our spiritual journal. Happy full moon!

Much love,


Dani xx


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