Grounding: Benefits, Techniques & Crystals To Find Inner Calm

Grounding: Benefits, Techniques & Crystals To Find Inner Calm

Today's blog post is for you if you ever feel anxious, disconnected, floaty or overwhelmed. Grounding is an amazing way to find more calm, presence and inner connection. I will explore some simple techniques to help get you started, as well as the best crystals to assist you on your grounding journey!


Benefits Of Grounding

- Calms the nervous system & helps you to release anxiety.

- Brings you into the present moment (a powerful antidote to overwhelm).

- Strengthens your connection with the Earth, providing a sense of safety & stability.

- Studies are also showing benefits for pain relief, lowering stress hormones, better sleep etc. when practising direct grounding (also known as earthing) where you are physically in contact with the Earth i.e. feet on the ground for a period of time.



6 Techniques To Ground Your Energy

1. Stand outside with your bare feet on the ground, whether on grass, soil or sand, and feel the connection with Mother Earth. You can also close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and hold the intention that any heavy energy be released into the Earth, allowing your energy to be balanced and re-charged. A great exercise to do when you are feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced, at the end of a busy day or if you feel you may have taken on other people's energy.

2. Carry grounding crystals with you (see below for ideas). 

3. Meditate with grounding crystals and visualise yourself outdoors, connecting with the Earth (see above).

4. Use your senses to observe your environment and note 5 sensations to bring yourself back fully into your body. For example, close your eyes and notice one sound you can hear, one smell you can sense, feel your body in contact with the chair or floor you are sitting on. This exercise is very effective in calming you down and centering your energy again, grounding you in the present moment. 

5. Spend some time outdoors i.e. going for a nature walk or beach walk.

6.Energy Healing & Reiki. If you are feeling really stressed & out of sorts and can't seem to ground yourself, an energy balancing session can be very beneficial. During my distance healing sessions, I always work on grounding so that my clients can return to feeling calm, grounded & centered. Learn more here >



Crystals For Grounding:

Crystals provide a direct link to the Earth & can be very beneficial to carry with you or hold when you need some extra grounding and centering. The crystals below are my favourite stones for grounding and each have their own special energy & properties:

- Rhodonite

- Rainbow Fluorite

- Black Tourmaline

- Black Obsidian

- Garnet

- Jasper

- Smoky Quartz

- Labradorite


rhodonite tower grounding inner nurture


If you'd like to explore our entire collection of grounding crystals, just click the link below :) 

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I hope you have found this helpful, learning how to ground myself has been life changing and is something I do daily to stay calm and balanced. Choose one or two techniques that resonate with you and try from there, it will get easier to shift back into a grounded state with practice.

Much love,

Dani xx


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