Raw vs Polished Stones: Which One Is Best For Energy Healing?

Raw vs Polished Stones: Which One Is Best For Energy Healing?

As you journey into the transformative world of crystals, you may start to wonder - do raw or polished stones have the best energy for inner growth & healing? We will explore the benefits of each form so you can uncover which one resonates with your energy and intentions. 


Raw Stones: Harnessing The Power of Untamed Energy

Raw crystals encapsulate the raw, powerful energy of Mother Earth as they have not been carved by human hands. This is an amazing way to connect with crystals in their natural state, with the Earth's pure energy.

Natural crystals have their own unique formations and imperfections, and their energy can also feel more powerful to those working with them. This can be beneficial when you are in need of transformational healing energy to push through blockages, limiting beliefs and cleanse the energy in a room. This makes raw crystals fantastic for gridding, placing around your home and keeping near you during meditation. For example, a Spirit Quartz cluster in your home will transform the space with high vibration energy and a Blue Lace Agate geode will bring some much needed calm. 

Powerful and strong may not be what you need right now though, sometimes gentle and nurturing is what is called for during healing. This is where your intuition may guide you to polished stones, more on this later! It is also important to remember that not all raw stones can be held and worked with in the same way as a polished crystals, which have had their surface stabilised and are easier to handle. Many raw stones are fragile and must be handled with care so that they don't chip, break or shed.

Always be mindful not to handle toxic specimens, such as Chrysotile, and I would not recommend infusing drinking water with raw crystals (if any). I always suggest placing the desired crystal next to/outside of the bottle of water to infuse its energy, just to be on the safe side :)



Polished Stones: Gentle, Practical & Beautiful

Polished stones are usually hand carved by crystal artisans, enhancing the crystal's natural characteristics and creating a lovely smooth surface in many different shapes. Often, polishing and shaping a crystal will bring out its inner beauty and uncover extraordinary colours and patterns, as seen with Labradorite and Rainbow Fluorite polished stones. 

Each shape has its own power and benefits, for example a sphere will allow energy to emanate in all directions and a point or generator will concentrate energy in one direction, making it a potent tool for energy healing sessions and when you want to work with focused intention. 

Polished stones will generally have a more diffuse energy, which can make them ideal for gentle healing work. Carrying a tumble or palm stone with you can bring gradual, stable and beautiful healing and their small size and smooth texture make them excellent to hold or keep with you. The same can be said for crystal jewellery, which allows them to be worn daily and the benefits to accumulate over time. This makes them practical! They still have their unique energy blueprint and beautiful imperfections, but they have been shaped in a way that makes them lovely to hold and work with.


Following Your Intuition: Choosing The Right Crystal For You

Ultimately, the choice between raw or polished stones is a deeply personal one based on what crystal you feel most drawn to - and this can change depending on what you need on the day! Both types have their benefits and I choose to work with both for different purposes, keeping practicality in mind and deciding whether I need strong or more subtle energies for a particular situation. For example, when carrying a crystal with me I always opt for a small tumble, palm stone or heart. Alternatively, when I want to shift the energy of a room in a powerful way, I may place a large raw stone somewhere prominent in that space. 

Try the following exercise when selecting your next crystal:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then place your hand near your collection of crystals. Tune into your intuition to feel which crystal you need right now and trust that it is the right one for you. 



I hope this guide has been helpful and you have more insight into how to choose between raw and polished stones for energy purposes.

Much love, 

Dani xx


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