6 Most Popular Crystals

6 Most Popular Crystals

These beautiful crystals cover a range of healing properties, and have to be the most popular stones at the moment. Let's see why!


1. Amethyst

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye


Amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone, promoting spiritual wisdom, higher states of consciousness and calms the mind. It is an excellent crystal for meditation, restful sleep and cleansing the aura, and also increases intuition, understanding and clarity. This stone balances the emotions, releasing anxiety and negative energy.

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2. Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart


Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal of self-love and unconditional love, it gently opens the heart chakra and brings deep inner healing. This stone can bring calm and peace to you during a crisis and transmutes negative energy to love. 

Rose Quartz can help to open your heart to love, and is amazing for manifesting love and relationships as well as restoring love and trust in existing relationships. This is a wonderful stone to increase emotional balance and acceptance.

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3. Labradorite

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat


Labradorite is a powerful stone of protection, forming a barrier to negative energies and clearing unwanted energies from the aura. It raises consciousness and facilitates spiritual growth, whilst also ensuring you stay grounded in the physical.

This beautiful crystal helps to release fears and insecurities, while increasing self-trust. An excellent stone to work with to open up your intuition and psychic gifts.

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4. Amazonite

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat, Heart


Amazonite opens the throat and heart chakras, helping you to express your inner truth through loving communication. It is also an excellent manifesting stone, allow its energy to magnify your affirmations and intentions. This is a stone of balance, increasing harmony between the masculine and feminine energies present within us all. 

Amazonite dissolves negative energy, bringing love and hope - it also acts as a filter when placed between you and a source of heavy energy. It helps to calm the mind, soothing emotions and clearing worries and fears. This crystal also works to open the third eye chakra and increases intuition

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5. Carnelian

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root


Carnelian is such an amazing stone for restoring confidence, courage, motivation & creativity. It is a very grounding crystal, helping you to stay in the present moment. Carnelian assists in clearing negative emotions, helps to clear the mind and increase concentration; making it a wonderful crystal to work with during meditation. 

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6. Black Tourmaline

Chakra: Root


Black Tourmaline is a highly protective and grounding stone, it helps to release stress and tension and increase vitality. This crystal is a powerful mental healer, promoting clarity, objectivity and rational thought. 

Black Tourmaline transforms heavy energy into a lighter vibration, bringing more positivity into your life. It is an excellent stone for healing and removing blockages

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