Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst Healing properties and meaning

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst is a powerful stone for calming the mind, increasing intuition & spiritual connection, balancing the emotions & releasing anxiety.

  • A deeply spiritual stone, promoting spiritual wisdom, higher states of consciousness and calming the mind.
  • An excellent crystal for meditation, restful sleep and cleansing the aura.
  • Strengthens intuition and brings understanding and clarity.
  • Balances the emotions, releasing anxiety and negative energy.


Associated Chakras

Amethyst is associated with the following chakras, bringing healing & balance to these energy centres:

  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra



While working with your Amethyst crystal, it can be helpful to say affirmations on your journey. This will strengthen your connection with the crystal as well as your intentions.

Some examples of powerful affirmations for working with Amethyst are:


"I am deeply connected to myself & the Universe"


"I trust my intuition & inner guidance"


"I release tension & allow myself to experience a deep sense of calm. I am safe & protected"




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