A Guide To Chakra Balancing

A Guide To Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the main energy centres found within the body, there are seven main chakras that align with the spine and have an important role in human function - from immune strength to emotional balance. They also relate to different aspects of our life and emotions (see meanings below)

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word ‘chakram’, meaning wheel – named because clairvoyants see these chakras as spinning discs of light and energy within the body. Your chakras are also connected to smaller energy channels that run throughout your subtle body, these are known as meridians by Holistic Healers and Acupuncturists.


The 7 Major Chakras

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Crown Chakra (crown of the head)
Spirituality, Universal Connection, Acceptance

Third Eye Chakra (center of the forehead)
Intuition, Inner Wisdom


Throat Chakra (centre of the throat)

Communication, Honesty, Self-Expression

Heart Chakra (centre of the chest)
Love, Compassion, Trust


Solar Plexus Chakra (stomach/upper abdomen)
Personal, Power, Self-worth, Self-confidence

Sacral Chakra (just below the belly button)
Emotional Balance, Creativity, Sexuality


Root Chakra (base of the spine)
Material Concerns, Physical Survival, Grounding


    There are also other chakras outside of our physical body, including the Earth Chakra just beneath the feet!


    Signs Your Chakras Might Be Out Of Balance

    At times in our life, our chakras can become 'stuck', blocking the flow of energy throughout the body - these blockages can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances. On the other hand, when the chakras are functioning well and energy is flowing smoothly, the body’s physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. 

    Signs that your chakras may be unbalanced include:

    - Feeling stressed, anxious, worried or fearful
    - Emotional or feeling up & down
    - Easily distracted & losing focus
    - Out of balance or feeling like something is ‘off’
    - Physical pain & dis-ease
    - Can't connect with your intuition or feeling un-grounded


    Note: If you have a pendulum, you can also use this to check which chakras are open or unbalanced. See our range of crystal pendulums here >

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    How To Get Your Chakras Flowing Well Again

    My favourite chakra balancing techniques:

    1. Visualisation Meditation:

    Once you are sitting in meditation, take some time to focus on each chakra (or just one if you feel it is out of balance). Coming back to this chakra meditation regularly will help you build important awareness over time about any imbalances or blockages within your body and energy field.

    If you find a blockage or heaviness (the area might feel extra tight, heavy, or another different sensation, trust your intuition!), you can then visualize a healing light building in that area (can be the colour of the chakra or a beautiful healing gold/white light), see it flowing in a clockwise direction, clearing out any heaviness and stagnation and infuse this whole area with healing light.

    Spend some time patiently sending healing light and allow any emotions to come up and be released. You might even feel the energy moving around again!


    2. Reiki & Energy Healing

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    Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful Japanese Energy Healing technique, which translates to ‘Universal/Life Force Energy'.

    Reiki & Energy Healing are amazing for emotional balance, chakra balancing, releasing stress & anxiety, healing past hurts and strengthening your intuition. A gentle, yet powerful way to holistically bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

    When you receive a Reiki & Intuitive Healing, I always check on your chakras by intuitively connecting into each centre and sensing how strong the flow of energy is – if it is completely blocked then there will not be any movement of energy in that area. I will then check the rest of your body and energy field, channelling healing Reiki energy into any areas that require balancing.

    All of my Reiki Sessions are now conducted via distance, so you can receive a healing from the comfort of your own home! Reiki is beautiful ways to bring your chakras back into alignment and bring balance to mind, body & spirit.

    To learn more about my Distance Reiki Sessions, please click here>


    3. Crystal Healing

    Working with crystals can provide a wonderful healing energy that can assist in activating and cleansing the chakras.

    To conduct a full body chakra healing with crystals, select a corresponding crystal for each chakra (For ideas, browse our online crystal shop by chakra or see our Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit), lie down and place each crystal on its corresponding chakra.

    You may like to play some relaxing meditation music and get comfortable as you meditate and allow the crystals to work - there is nothing you need to do, just lie back, relax and focus on your breathing, stay for as long as you feel you need to.

    Make sure to cleanse your crystals afterwards and keep coming back to any chakras that feel like they need some extra love and attention. You can carry some chosen crystals with you throughout the day, or keep them on your bedside table for some further support.


    4. Intention During Everyday Life

    Allow the chakra guide above to provide insight into what you can focus on in everyday life to improve and heal your chakras. For example, if you feel you have a heart chakra blockages, a combination of affirmations, self-love rituals, energy healing, crystal work and heart opening meditation will go a long way towards helping you heal.

    Remember to be kind to yourself, it is normal for your energy to shift and change on any given day, Healing takes time and there is no rush, just find some techniques that work for you and take the first step.

    If you need any support, I am here with Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing, or you can browse the online crystal store for some crystal magick!


    Much love,

    Dani xx


    P.S. I have also created a beautiful Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit - learn more here >

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