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Free Aus Shipping Over $50 // Afterpay Now Available

Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit

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A wonderful Chakra Healing Crystal Kit to assist you in clearing & activating your beautiful energy centres! Perfect for use in energy healing, and crystal healing sessions.

Your Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit will be intuitively selected for you and comes in a lovely, stamped cotton re-usable bag.


Each Kit Includes:

Crown Chakra - 1 x Selenite Palm Stone

Third Eye Chakra - 1 x Amethyst Tumble

Throat Chakra - 1 x Lapis Lazuli Tumble

Heart Chakra - 1 x Rose Quartz Tumble

Solar Plexus Chakra - 1 x Citrine Tumble

Sacral Chakra - 1 x Carnelian Tumble

Root/Base Chakra - 1 x Red Jasper Palm Stone

BONUS: Earth Star Chakra - 1 x Dragon’s Blood Jasper Tumble (also a Heart Chakra stone)


To work with your crystals, you can intuitively select one to carry with you throughout the day, depending on what you need. You can also sit with them in meditation and/or place them in areas of your home or workplace that you spend a lot of time in, to provide cleansing and energetic protection.

For some self-healing, gently lie down, place the corresponding crystals on each chakra, slow your breathing as you fall into a meditative state and let the beautiful crystals do their thing! Read more about the chakras here >

All orders are energetically cleared & charged with Reiki and/or sage before being sent with love to its new home.

Please be aware that each crystal is one of a kind and therefore each piece will have unique variations in shape, colour, size and characteristics (including natural markings, fissures). These are natural stones and can vary from the images provided, which are there to provide a general representation of the quality and sizing we offer. Each crystal will have its own beautiful markings, characteristics and pits. We cannot accept exchanges or returns based on these characteristics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Angela R.

Loved my parcel when it arrived. The candle was so refreshing for the soul. I’m enjoying getting to know my crystals more. Thanks so much. Ange

I'm so glad you're loving your order Ange :) Oh yes, don't those candles just smell divine! Thanks so much for taking the time to write us a review x

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