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Top 4 Ways To Work With Your Crystals

There are so many beautiful ways to work in harmony with your crystals!

Everyone collects crystals for different reasons, from rockhounds who appreciate these amazing creations of the Earth, to collectors who admire the natural beauty that crystals bring to their home, and spiritual seekers who wish to work with the beautiful healing energy of these gifts from Mother Nature. There is no right or wrong way to work with crystals, we recommend using your own intuition and inner wisdom to find what works for you!

Crystals have been used throughout the ages for decor, beauty and metaphysical purposes - from healing, to ceremony, to raising the vibration of a space.

Below are some ideas on how to work with your stones:


1. Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Crystals can be placed on or around the body during energy healing sessions or bodywork to maximise healing and align the energy field (corresponding chakras can be found on each crystal product page).

Click here to learn more about Chakras & Energy Healing >


2. Meditation

Sit in meditation with your chosen stone, holding your intention, letting go and allowing the crystal's healing vibration to work its magic.

Learn more about how to meditate here >


3. Keep Them Close

When working with a particular stone for its properties, keep your crystal with you as much as possible so your energy can integrate the energetic shifts. Tumbles, palm stones & crystal jewellery are great to carry with you throughout the day (place in your pocket, hand bag, clothing, necklace, bracelet etc).

You can also keep small crystal tumbles (i.e. Amethyst, Rose Quartz) under your pillow or on your bedside table to assist with sleep. Always try to actively manifest with your crystals, noticing opportunities that pop up in your life and taking inspired action as the shifts occur, trusting & coming back to your inner self as much as possible.


4. Place In Your Home

Crystals can bring amazing energy to your home, not only are they stunning & bring a touch of nature into your space, they also radiate out high vibration, healing energy. Larger crystals are perfect for this - free forms, clusters, generators and spheres for example.

Different crystals are amazing for different intentions, from imbuing loving and nurturing vibes, to improving communication in the home, clearing negativity, cleansing your space and much more. See each crystal's meaning/description for specific crystal properties.


Don't forget to cleanse & charge your crystals regularly to keep them at their best! Click here for our crystal cleansing guide :)


How To Choose Your Crystals?

When selecting a crystal, it is important to follow your intuition and inner knowing, this will lead you to the crystal that is right for you. You can search for crystals in our store by Intention/Vibe (for example, self-love, confidence, energetic protection), by Shape/Form (tumble, palm stone, cluster etc.), by Crystal Name, (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline etc.) even by Chakra. Your crystal may catch your eye, jump out at you or just feel meant to be, this is a sign that this is the crystal for you!


If you have any questions, please reach out at and we will get back to you asap!


Much love,

Dani xx

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